What is Love on New Years Eve?

We had a NYE family ritual when my kids were little of putting a large piece of cardboard or butchers paper in the centre of the floor or table. We would all have coloured pens and write down the things that had touched us in the current year. Highlights, gifts we remembered, mournings, challenges…everything was welcome. Our colourful writing and scribbles would fill the whole page with lines connecting ideas and moments. We’d include drawings and magazine pictures as well. Most importantly, we would tell stories together.

When we were done, we would turn over the paper and write our intentions and wishes for the following year. We had fun, we talked we laughed and listened.  We loved…

Last night, New Year’s Eve, with my daughter and son-in-law we played, Where Should We Begin? a game of stories by Esther Perel. There are rules and yet they are made to be broken. There are story cards and prompt cards that support meaningful and fun conversations. We laughed, we told stories, we listened, we were  engaged. This is love in action.

I hope you can join me this year!

I’ll be hosting two online Ongo programs with Kate Raffin starting in February, hosting an in-person Death and Dying workshop in March in Coffs Harbour. There’ll be a few online creative writing programs through The Celebrant Network and the NZ Celebrant School as well as my usual dedication to conducting ceremonies. I’m also hosting a women’s group with The Fifth Direction. This month, you can join me in the evening online on Monday 9th and 23rd January. It’s free to join here.

On a personal note, in February, I’ll be moving my 87 year old father to live next door to me here in Emerald Beach. He is very excited about this big change in his life. I’m also heading to Victoria for the wedding of two very dear friends in April. I also hope to make a trip to New Zealand to catch up with family and celebrant colleagues!

And, with my partner, I’ll meditate, lie down, be in nature and rest as well.

I look forward to being with you

I hope we get to meet this coming year, online or in person so that we may play, laugh, listen, write, share and engage with one another in meaningful ways. Time is precious. Friendships are gold.

Thank you for reading my stories and I hope that your New Year is blessed with …love, connection, gratitude, joy, ease, meaning…all that you need.

Happy 2023!

With love, Wendy





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1 year ago

Much love and rich blessings Wendy xx

1 year ago

Love you always dear Wendy.

1 year ago

Happy new year, Wendy! It sounds like you have a beautiful start to the year lined up. I hope that all goes well.