Wedding Budget Planner

For celebrants: I provided many easy resources on my website for wedding couples to access which helped to foster a sense of care and trust. The Wedding Budget Planner was an email I sent out with my information kit.

Wedding Budget Planner

Whether you are planning a simple gathering of close friends for your wedding at home, an informal ceremony at a resort or celebrating with a grand affair your wedding budget needs to be worked out together so that you are on the same page.

This wedding budget lists the expenses you may want to consider for a wedding however, please remember all of these expenses (except the officiant who conducts the legal ceremony) are optional, many of them are non essential.

You can have a wedding for under $1000 or over $100,000 – you and your wedding budget will determine this. You get to choose what you want and how much you are prepared to spend. Discuss this matter in full with each other and also, any parties who are providing financial support. It is essential that you are all clear and in agreement about what you want to spend and on what.

Always plan a contingency sum for the unexpected costs. How much leeway do you have and what will happen if you go over your wedding budget? What is important? The answer to this question will inevitably be different for each of you so your ideas need to be out in the light. Any of the items below can be pruned out of your list. Remember that after the wedding comes your marriage and you will want to start out on the right foot – not bogged down with a wedding day debt that leaves you struggling!  This exercise of planning your wedding budget will be one of many financial discussions you will have in your relationship together. Remember to ask for help, from friends, financial planners and/or counsellors, if you need support to navigate any difficult wedding budget conversations. We are all learning how to relate, to connect, to find common ground and to disagree while staying connected – getting support can help to bring clarity, care and consideration to the fore.

You may wish to add columns to this chart that include: estimated cost, actual cost, over or under cost amount, who is paying, deposit and date paid, balance, when to pay and date paid in full. Keep receipts safe and check amounts before filing away. Ensure all payments are made before the wedding day so you don’t have to worry about this on the day.

Be realistic and adapt this budget planner to suit your needs and finances. Plan well and enjoy!

To download your free Wedding Budget Planner click here  for a Word Doc and here for a PDF file.

Wedding budget