A Wedding Candle with Meaning

Sonya and Brett had a small wedding candle decorated for each of their guests with different values or ‘universal needs’ written on the side – Joy, Peace, Belonging, To Matter, Respect, Fun, Trust, Love, etc.

Each guest was given a wedding candle as they entered the ceremony venue. The usher invited the guest to reflect upon the word, light the candle and then place it on the large table at the front of the ceremonial area as an offering to Sonya and Brett’s union and marriage.

In the ceremony I spoke,

“Sonya and Brett, you are supported by your dearest family and friends, who have each lit a wedding candle offering you a blessing for your union and marriage.  In so doing, acknowledging that you, indeed all of us, are connected through these shared, universal needs.
The need to belong, the need to matter, the need for respect, joy, fun and so on. As we celebrate today, we can hold the energy or the ‘light’ of these values close to us as they feel very much alive – the sense of belonging, the feeling of joy and that you both matter to the other.
In times of hardship, where the energy of these needs or values may feel a bit distant, may you come together and lean into these shared universal needs as a valuable pointer for finding harmony, connection and a clear direction forward.
Not that you will be able to meet all of these needs for the other, nor are you expected to, rather that each of you aim to understand what is most alive for yourself and also, your lover, friend and companion whether it be feelings of overwhelm, disappointment, grief, fear… and acknowledge the yearnings that are present… maybe, to be understood, to be heard, to be held.
May you also lean into the advocacy, love, support and friendship that is present for you here and in your wider community.” 

After the reception, each guest chose a wedding candle to take home with them. They needed time to cool down and the wax to harden before they could be moved.

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