If you want to have a unity or commitment ceremony (without the legal stuff) then the stories and inspiring ideas in my book will help you to create a fun, fabulous and personal ceremony!

Create Your Own Inspiring Wedding Ceremony is a guide for all couples!

There are four commitment ceremonies included in the actual examples.

Take the opportunity to honour your relationship in front of the people who are. most important to you. You can work with the ‘Love Letter’ from the book to create vows that are meaningful and most importantly, an expression of your love. There are lots of great ideas and stories that will inspire you and make your ceremony absolutely beautiful!

Jen and Helena’s ceremony

Jen and Helena invited 30 of their closest family and friends to a small and intimate ceremony at Helena’s family home. They had their little boy, Thomas as the ring bearer. Helena’s mum and dad, walked her down the aisle to stand beside Jen who was holding Thomas. Jen’s mum, stepped forward and took hold of Thomas and gave Jen and Helena a kiss.  Helena’s father, who was a minister, spoke a prayer for their union.

The ceremony was an expression of Helena and Jen’s commitment to each other and also to their role as parents. After Helena and Jen exchanged their rings and personally composed vows three of their close friends came forward and placed their hands around Helena and Jen’s joined hands. Each of the friends spoke a short blessing and then were seated again. It was a joyous moment when I pronounced them to be ‘partners for life’. An afternoon tea garden party followed the ceremony once the family photographs were taken.

Greg and Sarah’s ceremony

Greg and Sarah did not wish to get legally married yet wanted to have a celebration of their love. They visited me six months before their celebration and after an enjoyable time discussing their ceremony plans they took home a copy of

Two months before the ceremony Greg and Sarah emailed me their love letters they had written to each other. There were funny stories and also, they had written about their challenges together. Their vows were simple yet powerful. They had chosen to have a ‘warming of the rings’ ceremony and asked if I would invite all of the guests to stand in a circle as the rings were passed from one end to the other. During this time, they selected a beautiful piece of music to be played acoustically by some friends.

On the day, we gathered at the old hall and were treated to cool, autumn weather. Blue sunny skies and a gentle breeze. It was a perfect ceremony with lots of tears and laughter. Congratulations Greg and Sarah!

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